At Meaning Ware Consulting Services, we focus on only one thing; designing and delivering IT solutions to customers' business process innovation and value creation through the integration of applications, processes, people, data and contents. We provide our customers a comprehensive set of consulting services, from integration solution planning and design, infrastructure configuration and optimization, to application and adaptor development, to service migration and maintenance. In addition, we continuously extend and enrich our service portfolio by growing new technical capabilities and offering new packaged integration services.


We help customers implement integration solutions with the following packaged services, including:

  • Solution consulting and presales
  • End-to-end integration solution delivery
  • Rapid prototyping of integration solutions
  • FMW Infrastructure Configuration and Optimization
  • Data and Content Integration
  • Integration service upgrade and migration
  • EAI optimization and troubleshooting


Customers can leverage our in-depth expertise and experience in the following technologies to accomplish their challenging application development goals.

  • J2EE
  • SOA and EAI technologies
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Big data processing and data integration
  • Dynamic content rendering
  • Semantic web and knowledge engineering
  • Text processing and parser development
  • Natural language processing, internationalization and localization