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About Us

Meaning Ware Consulting Service was founded by Dr. Licheng Zeng in 2006 in Sydney, with an initial attempt to develop natural language processing (NLP) and semantic processing technologies. Over the years, it evolves into a consulting service specializing in helping enterprises transforming their business processes and customer services by deploying intelligent middleware solutions.

We are small, yet we are thinking big. For the past 10 years, we focused on solution consulting and technical delivery of a number of business transformation projects, providing consulting services to over 40 projects for companies in Australian and across Asia-Pacific region. Some of the systems for which we took lead architectural roles or provided significant technical input not only enjoyed great publicity across the Australia, but truly exemplified innovations by the businesses in growing new revenue streams and establishing new customer channels. We take pride in our track record of delivering superb solutions to our customers as well as in our mastery of a wide range of middleware technologies.

We have high standards for our work ethics. Creating great values through our integration solutions has always been our top priority.