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Data and Content Integration

When you might need us

Unstructured big data, NonSQL database, full text search, CDI and MDM are characterizing today’s new trends in information management. You may want to maintain a single coherent view of your customers and assets over a number of internal and public data sets. The data in these data sets may be structured, semi-structured (like addresses) or running texts. You may also want to maintain a constant and near real-time synchronization of your Source of Truth data (e.g. broadcasting program schedules and flight schedules) and the published contents (e.g. TV guide and web sites). Combining our expertise in integration and our long standing R&D experience in semantic and linguistic data processing, we can build data integration solutions.

How we can help you

  • Combining data grid technologies such as Coherence and Hadoop with content rendering technologies such as POI, iText and SVG to enable constant synchronization of changes in data sources of truth (SoT) with rich content publication and with consumers of the contents
  • Using semantic web (e.g. JENA, RDF) and full text search (e.g. Lucene) technologies to marsh-up information and to build single view of customers from multiple data sources, and to implement knowledge-based pattern matching and change tracking mechanisms
  • Developing parsers that analyse multilingual textual data to extract useful information or to turn non-structured text into structured information (e.g. analysing addresses and product descriptions)
  • Using our proprietary technologies to collate location-aware information from multiple data sources, and AJAX technologies to implement predictive search of information across multiple data sources