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Infrastructure Configure and Optimization

When you might need us

Designing and configuring technical infrastructure for integration services is an integral part of integration solution implementation, apart from application development. Mission critical integration services rely both on reliable and scalable technical infrastructure and on sound application design. Meaning Ware helps customers configure and optimize their Oracle Fusion middleware based technical infrastructure.

How we can help you

  • Designing Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure that meets customers SLA requirements (e.g. throughput, scalability, reliability, serviceability)
  • Configuring Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure using industrial best practices (e.g. configuring virtual machines for multiple environments, configuration automation using WLST)
  • Ensuring Fusion infrastructure meets SLA requirements through a structured methodology of infrastructure review, tuning and performance testing
  • Evaluating and Selecting integration technologies
  • Ensuring smooth operation of integration services by establishing proper system and application monitoring, disaster recovery, archiving, logging mechanisms and governance