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Rapid Prototyping

When you might need us

With new technologies and interfaces to systems that have never been dealt with before, complex and innovative solutions often introduce uncertainties and risks. Resolving these uncertainties quickly underpins the success of overall solution delivery. Meaning Ware can help customers effectively address this issue through rapid prototyping of integration solutions.

How we can help you

  • Rapidly developing an end-to-end working prototype based on the proposed solution and technology. This is achieved by leveraging our deep experience in EAI, our expert knowledge in Fusion Middleware technologies and the overall application delivery expertise of our senior consultants (currently all our consultants have over 12 years of experience in IT);
  • Ensuring QoS of solution is met (e.g. TPS, availability) with the prototype
  • Unravelling challenging technical hurdles and transferring knowledge and experience to development team. With major technical hurdles removed and a concrete prototype processing end-to-end transactions, customers and system integrators can leverage larger size of teams (in-house or offshore teams) to deliver the overall solution on schedule and on budget
  • Development of JCA adaptors to packaged and customer applications
  • Development can be undertaken off customer premise and virtualized environments