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Service Upgrade and Migration

When you might need us

You have deployed an integration service, and your business becomes heavily reliant on this service. In the life cycle of running this integration service, you will inevitably face the need to upgrade the service; perhaps your business expands and is required to connect to the ERP system of a powerful customer, perhaps existing upstream or downstream interfaces of systems of your business partner are changed and force you to change, or perhaps the underlying infrastructure hardware or software is no longer supported so you have to upgrade. Whatever the reason, what you want is that the upgrade and migration should incur zero or minimal disruptions to your business, while the cost be kept as low as possible.

How we can help you

  • Use SOA principles to demarcate service providers, consumers and interfaces in relation to the affected integration services
  • Use virtualized environment to simulate the affected integration services and interactions with the integration eco environment
  • Use multi-stage deployment and undeployment approach to guarantee business continuity in managing the upgrade and migration processes